about us

father + daughter duo 

my dad’s story: 
We were first introduced to bunka with flair in 1999 when my dad suffered burnout at work during Y2K. He knew that his mental health had to come first so that he could be the best dad to our family of 5. He left his job and went on a 6 month sabbatical doing yoga, getting back to his creative upbringing, and playing with his daughters (1 yr, 3 yr- me!, and 6yr at the time). Think eat, pray, love but as a stay-cation. In this process he was introduced to Bunka Shi Shu (aka. Bunka Punch Embroidery). 

He quickly realized he had been missing out on his self-care, and rediscovered this through stitching. 

With that decision to put his mental health first, bunka with flair became ours. 

bunka with flair became crucial in our upbringing. We got to visit him everyday at lunch, play at the store after school, help pick threads and and learn the importance of work ethic (raising 3 daughters while running a craft company takes a lot!). It resulted in our family getting to eat dinner together every night and my dad was happy + healthy again. 

my story: 
It’s 2018 and I am working an 80h work week as an operations manager for the most amazing start-up and I love it. That work ethic that we were raised with is pumping through my veins everyday and I am thriving. 

Jump to a year later of hustle and putting work first. My health (physical, emotional, and mental) was deteriorating rapidly. I rarely saw my friends or family, and I had stopped all creative + physical outlets to relieve stress- there was just too much work to do and not enough time for a break.

20 years after my dad’s burnout, at the age of 23, I was in the same situation (minus the 3 kids to support).  

Just like my dad, I did an eat, pray, love experience. I went to Portugal, learned to cook, and started to be creative again.

bunka with flair once again was in my life everyday as I started to design my own patterns and stitch as my self-care routine. Trust me- the punch of the needle against the fabric is way cheaper than therapy; though that’s still important too!

our story now:
After a few months of my sabbatical, my dad and I sat down and started talking about the future. Obviously I couldn’t rely on my savings forever + missed having a job to be passionate about, and he + my mum wanted to travel more while they could.

We quickly realized our needs + wants aligned, and our baby boomer vs millennial experience could take bunka with flair to a whole new audience. Our father + daughter duo was formed.

We’re excited to spend more time together, and share with you some amazing new designs, content, and opportunity for self-care. 

about bunka with flair itself: 
bunka with flair has been North America’s largest retail and wholesale distributor of Bunka punch embroidery craft kits and accessories since 1986.

We carry bunka with flair brand, Tokyo Bunka kits, cross stitch, KAO bunka thread, and accessories for Bunka. Stay tuned for new collections + designs coming soon.