What is Bunka Shishu?
  Bunka Shishu is an art originated in Japan, at the turn of the century. A Bunka Shishu picture resembles an oil painting, however, on closer inspection, you will see the beautiful art of stitchery...

There are many techniques to learn to illustrate textures and dimension to enhance the quality of this art. Pictures of scenes, ships, flowers, animals, children's designs and oriental motifs are available for the beginner through advanced stitchers, all created by utilizing our very special rayon thread and punch needle.


Bunka with Flair Offers:
  For the Retailer...
  Introduce yourself and your customer to the beautiful world of Bunka Shishu...
  • increase your customer traffic in your shop
  • increase your sales and profit

 A Shop Owner's instruction Kit offers prudent information that will enable you to offer courses in the Art of Bunka to you customers. Contact Bunka With Flair for further Information.

  For The Out of Town Customer..
  Bunka with Flair offers Teach-yourself Bunka Kits which includes everything you need to begin your new hobby, Canvas, Thread, Needle, Work Frame and Basic Instructions along with detailed instruction with each kit and a "Basics" video. This is an opportunity to experiment with Bunka Shishu, and see what a beautiful work of art you can produce.
Handbook of Bunka Shishu - English or French Version
  Bunka With Flair is the sole distributor of the # 1 Best selling Book written on the subject of Bunka Shishu. "The Handbook of Bunka" (An encyclopedia of all techniques, from Beginner to Advanced Level of Stitchery.) New and experienced stitchers will find this book invaluable and will keep it close at hand when stitching their beautiful bunka pictures.
Bunka With Flair Catalogue
  A full coloured catalogue containing over 300 designs of Bunka Shishu Kits is available by contacting the Bunka With Flair office.
Bunka Videos
  A 20 minute colour video introducing "Bunka basic" stitching techniques.
A 28 minute colour video shows advanced techniques.  It is called "Beyond the Basics"